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    JWS : Properties and Log file locations?

      We have a swing app that used log4j to log to a file. It also uses Apache commons PropertyConfiguration to allow the user to setup and save properties to a file.

      This all works great when running the app locally. The app creates the log file and properties file in the folder where the user launches the app from.

      Now that I'm trying to launch the app via JWS we should have the log file and properties file in some "known" location so that it doesn't matter if they launch the app from a browser, or from a desktop icon, or from a menu - the app will always look for the file in the same location.

      Any thoughts on where this location should be? For now we are just releasing to Windows users but eventually we will need to be able to launch on Mac and Linux as well. Is there some convention as to where such files should reside when using JWS?

      Thanks in advance!