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    Packing Slip Report Error-document category has no valid sequence assigned


      I am trying to get the Packing Slip Report to run in a new release of R12. I have set up my Packing Slip category and have assigned a sequence to it.

      When I release my sales order [ have both reports set up to run in my document set ], my Picking Slip report gets run successfully, but the Packing Slip Report fails due to the following error:

      Message Error: The document category has no valid sequence assigned.

      My order lines actually get closed [ from an awaiting shipping state ]. As I do not see the Packing Slip report being run in my concurrent request, I ran the Shipping Exception Report, which told me what the error was. My delivery lines get created successfully in WSH_NEW_DELIVERIES, but there are no associated entries in WSH_DOCUMENT_INSTANCES.

      Has anyone encountered this issue before.