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    OBI 11g - Installation failed

      Hi All,

      During OBI11g Installation I got the below error and installation failed,

      Installation Failed.
      OUI Session failed
      OUI-10185:Unable to copy 'H:\Softwares\Oracle\OBI\bishiphome\Disk4\stage\/Components/oracle.jrf.as.config/' to 'E:\OBI11g\Oracle_BI1/bin/config.bat'. OUI-10186:The source file 'H:\Softwares\Oracle\OBI\bishiphome\Disk4\stage\/Components/oracle.jrf.as.config/' does not exist.

      OS: Windows 7 Home Perineum SP1 - 32 Bit

      Actually the source exists under the path,


      Looks like installation process trying in wrong path.

      Could you please help me in resolving this issue?

      Thanks & Regards
      M Thiyagarajan