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    XSCF and the hung SSH process

    brian dunbar
      We have XSCF on a host, configured for SSH.

      Solaris 10 (5.10)

      A few days ago we went to login ...

      $ ssh admin@[redacted]
      ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host

      Seems ... SSH is hung on the device? It is open ...

      $ nmap [redacted]
      Not shown: 999 closed ports
      22/tcp open ssh

      It so happens that we're due for some downtime in a few days, and so this is not a big deal.

      The data center is just across town [1], we think we can plug in a serial cable, do what needs to be done to the host, and if need be physically power cycle the host to get XSCF to talk to us.

      But. What if this device were far, far, away, admins could not be found, or were surly, or charged $money to pay a visit to this device in it's cage. We'd be out of luck.

      There must be a way to reset this device from the operating system. IIRC you could with ALOM /ILOM.

      But google seems quiet on this subject.

      Is there a way to prod the XSCF device back to life from the OS?

      [1] For that matter, I live closer to the data center than I do my office.
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          Possibly you ssh client is not compatible with ssh server on XSCF. Try connect using another client.

          XSCF have separate network to domain. (sppp0 interface on Solaris). You can try connect to XSCF from domain using this interface. But it use same ssh daemon, so don't help in case it realy ssh-daemon problem.

          XSCF have serial connection port. You can try use it.