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    Dynamic tag issue


      Am rendering a jsp with a set of fields, whose tagIds have been given dynamically.

      That is,

      ${container.item.strFollowupCode} -> is a dynamic value that will get populated when the jsp is rendered.

      (NOTE: The values are getting populated properly and getting rendered well on the screen)

      But, when this is done, am getting couple of javascript issues in the browser as given below:

      *netui_tagIdNameMap is not defined     --          ...Instance_4{pageFlow.lstBarrierPgFour[0].lstBarrierList[6].lstRecos[0].lstFollowu...*

      *missing ; before statement       --        netui_tagIdNameMap.isSelectd_D.7.1.5="portletInstance_4{pageFlow.lstBarrierPgFou...*

      Need some help in resolving these js issues. Let me know if i had done anything wrong on my part.


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