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    How to change the attribute name for a relation

      When the Data Modeler engineers a logical model into a relational model it create table columns for the relations. The names of the generated columns are listed in the attributes list in the properties dialog of the relation. The actual name of the attribute gets calculated by the attribute name of the entity which is part of the relation. This is okay, if there is only one relation between two entities. But when there are two relations between two entities the second attribute gets a stupid number suffix. This makes it impossible to give the attribute a useful semantic meaning.

      When I engineer the model into a relational model I can change the column name in the relational model. Changing the column name in the relational model is not perfect but it would be okay for me, if it would not be overwritten during the next engineering run.

      So I have two questions:

      How can I change the attribute name in the attributes section of the properties dialog of a relation? See here for screen shot:

      And if it is not possible:

      How can I preserve any changes on column names in the relational model during a re-engineering run?

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