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    Siebel Marketing ESD not sending Email

      I have installed Siebel Marketing and configured it to send email through launching campaigns. Without intervention of ESD, my emails through F9 (Menu bar->File->Send Email) goes fine but when i send it through a campaign it is not received at the other end, i have not installed BHD so that i can only work on this issue and Send Email first. i have checked my SMTP and its sending mail through telnet just fine. So could anyone tell me what is the problem or what am i missing??

      I have configured ESD according to guide and all the verification are in place. There is no error in ESD log or Siebel log related to it. Only thing which i doubt is an error is that "r" 450 4.1.8 <SEMA-CR-1-83O3@CHANGEME>: Sender address rejected: Domain not found" after every contact it processes, be it a valid or invalid email. Kindly any answers would be really appreciated.