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    Scripts under $PS_HOME/scripts(/unix)


      I understand the PSOVM are mainly for learning purpose, that means all the components may not have been configured and/or installed onto the templates.
      That said, within only PSOVM environments installed for learning and investigations, I'm configuring the batch server to run on a secondary database (Physical Standby Database with Active Data Guard enabled) as I explained here, I tried to follow the Peoplesoft documentation on Active Data Guard : Understanding Active Data Guard Within PeopleSoft. But 4 scripts have to be executed to configure the batch process onto an Active Data Guard : psadmin.sql (by default in $PS_HOME/scripts/unix), createlocalsynonyms.sql, createdblinktoprimarydb.sql and createremotesynonyms.sql (by default in $PS_HOME/scripts).
      Unfortunately, none of those scripts are included in PSOVM templates, and more generally, there're no scripts useful at all under $PS_HOME/scripts. They have to be taken from a standard Peopletools installation outside PSOVM (sigh).
      Is it planned to include them in the next templates, or is it not possible to have them in future ?

      Thanks in advance,

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          The reason these scripts are not present is because we only install the PIA-AppBatch components. In order to get PS_HOME/scripts and other bits and pieces it is necessary to install the DB Server (without the PeopleTools system database). This increases the footprint by around 260MB. At the time we did not deem it necessary to include these additional artifacts. What you're asking definitely sounds like a reasonable request. Before doing that I will ask you to give me reasons why this would be valuable to tremplate consumers in general and not just for the experiments that you are conducting. This would help me increase the priority of getting this completed. Also confirm whether these scripts will suffice or there are additional needs that you can specify.

          In addition can you please elaborate on this statement by qualifying it with examples similar to the use cases that I have requested above: there're no scripts useful at all under $PS_HOME/scripts

          Thank you
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            I know that my tests can appear to be a specific case and do not apply to all PSOVM users, however I wanted to generalize to all the scripts.
            I said earlier there're no scripts useful at all under $PS_HOME/scripts - which means (if I'm not wrong) there are only 2 scripts under $PS_HOME/scripts I even don't know what they are :
            [psadm2@psovmhcm ~]$ cd $PS_HOME/scripts
            [psadm2@psovmhcm scripts]$ ls
            eouf_exp.dms  eouf_imp.dms
            I understand the changes it might imply to the Peoplesoft installation when building the templates, but I can think on few useful scripts to have there (especially dms scripts). They may already exists in previous Peopletools versions but any how can have been modified over the versions. To name only few cases : export/import user, export/import role, export/import security, archive/purge appl. messages. And if some more are coming on the top of my head, I'll post again later.
            Having those scripts in PSOVM could make the tests and analyzes easier, in case of customizations implementation and/or analyzes of a Peopletools upgrade.
            And there's no $PS_HOME/scripts/unix - I'm not sure if these scripts are really needed or not, but again, it could be interested to have for the reason mentioned earlier.
            Note that I'm not asking for the *.dat files which may be too big and out of the PSOVM purpose.

            I did not tested it yet, but it could be very nice to have PSEMAgent working as well. If I think of some other missing components, I'll also add them in that "whishes list".

            Thank you,

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              We have uploaded a new version of the FSCM 9.1 template. We have included the PS_HOME/scripts subdirectory that we discussed in this thread. Please take a look and let us know what you think.

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                That's great, thank you Mark for taking it in account. Now give me some time to check it out.


                PS: as a side note, the new template is still stamped as release which might confuse people.
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                  Where is the stamp to which ur referring? In the docs, on the web page, in the DB??? Let me know and I will deal with it straight away.


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                    Mark, sorry to be not clear enough.
                    That's under edelivery :
                    PeopleSoft VM Templates for FSCM 9.1 Release Media Pack for x86 (64 bit)      **      B60558-02      APR-25-2011
                    I expected to see, but that's not a big deal, same for HCM after all (even though that's also kind of version 2 for HCM).

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                      mark.johnston wrote:
                      We have uploaded a new version of the FSCM 9.1 template. We have included the PS_HOME/scripts subdirectory that we discussed in this thread. Please take a look and let us know what you think.

                      That's really great, thank you so much for taking in account that request Mark, we have now a lot of dms scripts from the given directory :
                      [psadm2@psovmfscmfp1 ~]$ cd /opt/oracle/psft/pt/tools/scripts/
                      [psadm2@psovmfscmfp1 scripts]$ ls
                      accgrp.dms                    loadpsstatus.dms          preupgtdeprocess.sql        pt851tlsjpn.dms               ptupg_trx_export.dms  rel848.sql
                      activexlic.dms                msf_config_url.dms        ps_aeinstancenbr.dms        pt851tlskor.dms               ptupg_trx_import.dms  rel848n.sql
                      aedelete.dms                  msf_roles_import.dms      ps_aeonlineinst.dms         pt851tlsnor.dms               ptupgconv.dms         rel848u.sql
                      aelockmgr.dms                 msfpurgeupdtbls.dms       ps_cubebuilder.dms          pt851tlspol.dms               ptupgibdel.sql        rel848un.sql
                      appdes_exp.dms                msgtlara.dms              ps_cubebuilderexport.dms    pt851tlspor.dms               ptupgptfpexp.dms      rel849.sql
                      appmsgpurgeall.dms            msgtlcfr.dms              ps_olap_attrib_nam.dms      pt851tlsrus.dms               ptupgptfpimp.dms      rel849n.sql
                      appmsgpurgearchive.dms        msgtlcze.dms              psibmsgschema_exp.dms       pt851tlssve.dms               ptuseroptnimp.dms     rel849u.sql
                      appmsgpurgelive.dms           msgtldan.dms              psibmsgschema_imp.dms       pt851tlstha.dms               rel811.sql            rel849un.sql
                      boetocr.dms                   msgtldut.dms              psibmsgschema_seed_exp.dms  pt851tlsuke.dms               rel812.sql            rel850.sql
                      clear_rowset_cache.dms        msgtleng.dms              psibprofile_imp.dms         pt851tlszhs.dms               rel812u.sql           rel850n.sql
                      codeset_delete_import.dms     msgtlesp.dms              psibrtngdefn_cleanup.dms    pt851tlszht.dms               rel813.sql            rel850u.sql
                      codeset_export.dms            msgtlfin.dms              psibwsdl_exp.dms            pt_installdata.dms            rel813u.sql           rel850un.sql
                      connect.sql                   msgtlfra.dms              psibwsdl_imp.dms            pt_languagedata.dms           rel814.sql            rel851.sql
                      converttaudtactn.sql          msgtlger.dms              pslang.dms                  pt_licensecode.dms            rel814u.sql           rel851n.sql
                      createdblinktoprimarydb.sql   msgtlhun.dms              pslanguages.dms             pt_release_export.dms         rel815.sql            rel851u.sql
                      createlocalsynonyms.sql       msgtlita.dms              pslangupdt.dms              pt_release_import.dms         rel815u.sql           rel851un.sql
                      createremotesynonyms.sql      msgtljpn.dms              psmcfreasoncode_import.dms  pt_release_swap.dms           rel816.sql            relga.dms
                      createtemptbl.dms             msgtlkor.dms              psmcfsystem_import.dms      ptal_setup_exp.dms            rel816u.sql           resetnodeauth.dms
                      createtrgr.dms                msgtlnor.dms              psmcftpsystem.dms           ptal_setup_imp.dms            rel817.sql            resetpswd.dms
                      createvw.dms                  msgtlpol.dms              psrfclr.dms                 ptal_workcenterdata_exp.dms   rel817u.sql           rptclr.dms
                      crtoboe.dms                   msgtlpor.dms              pstimezone.dms              ptal_workcenterdata_imp.dms   rel818.sql            secother_export.dms
                      curreng.dms                   msgtlrus.dms              pt817tls.dms                ptcs_assignedcrefs_exp.dms    rel818u.sql           secother_import.dms
                      cursymbl.dms                  msgtlsupg.dms             pt841tls.dms                ptcs_assignedcrefs_imp.dms    rel819.sql            securityexport.dms
                      dbsettings.sql                msgtlsve.dms              pt842tls.dms                ptcs_relatedservices_exp.dms  rel819u.sql           securityimport.dms
                      dbsetup.dms                   msgtltha.dms              pt843tls.dms                ptcs_relatedservices_imp.dms  rel820.sql            setrlvr.dms
                      ddldb2.dms                    msgtluke.dms              pt844tls.dms                ptdefnsec.dms                 rel820u.sql           spcddl.dms
                      ddldbx.dms                    msgtlzhs.dms              pt845tls.dms                ptfld_inherit_cleanup.dms     rel821.sql            storeddl.dms
                      ddlifx.dms                    msgtlzht.dms              pt846tls.dms                ptfp_setup_exp.dms            rel821u.sql           sysaecleanup.dms
                      ddlmss.dms                    mvprdexp.dms              pt847tls.dms                ptfp_setup_imp.dms            rel822.sql            tlsrename.dms
                      ddlora.dms                    mvprdimp.dms              pt848tls.dms                ptibfixduplicates.dms         rel822u.sql           tlsupgnoncomp.dms
                      ddlsyb.dms                    opraliastype.dms          pt849tls.dms                ptibupgrade.dms               rel840.sql            tmpopr.sql
                      dropstar.dms                  perfmondataexport.dms     pt84rlpd.dms                ptoldimg.dms                  rel840u.sql           tsrecpop.dms
                      encrypt.dms                   perfmondataimport.dms     pt84tls.dms                 ptpatch.dms                   rel841.sql            unix
                      eouf_exp.dms                  perfmonpurgeall.dms       pt850tls.dms                ptpp_portal_pack.dms          rel841u.sql           unloadpristine.dms
                      eouf_imp.dms                  portalnodes.dms           pt851tls.dms                ptppb_eoppb.dms               rel842.sql            unloadpsstatus.dms
                      exprole.dms                   postupgtdeprocess1.sql    pt851tlsara.dms             ptppb_epppb.dms               rel842u.sql           upg75gbl.sql
                      exproles.dms                  postupgtdeprocess2.sql    pt851tlscfr.dms             ptppb_setup_defn_exp.dms      rel843.sql            upg_ptpp_options.dms
                      gendropdupconstraints.sql     postupgtdevalidation.sql  pt851tlscze.dms             ptppb_setup_defn_imp.dms      rel843u.sql           upgdboptions_disable.sql
                      genrevalidateconstraints.sql  prcsclr.dms               pt851tlsdan.dms             ptremovemenupglt.dms          rel844.sql            upgdboptions_disabletimestamps.sql
                      getpsoprid.sql                prcsjobitem.dms           pt851tlsdut.dms             ptsdkdataimport.dms           rel844u.sql           upgdboptions_enable.sql
                      grant.sql                     prcsoutputlist.dms        pt851tlsesp.dms             ptsecquerydescexp.dms         rel845.sql            upgdboptions_enabletimestamps.sql
                      ib_exportdeflocalnode.dms     prcspurgelist.dms         pt851tlsfin.dms             ptsecquerydescimp.dms         rel845u.sql           userexport.dms
                      ib_importdeflocalnode.dms     prcssequence.dms          pt851tlsfra.dms             ptstreng.dms                  rel846.sql            userimport.dms
                      ibconnectors.dms              prcssystem.dms            pt851tlsger.dms             ptswanimg.dms                 rel846u.sql           vmarket.dms
                      improles.dms                  precnvadt1a.sql           pt851tlshun.dms             pttstemptabs_filter.sql       rel847.sql
                      loadpristine.dms              pretscnvadt1a.sql         pt851tlsita.dms             ptupdtc.dms                   rel847u.sql
                      [psadm2@psovmfscmfp1 scripts]$ ls unix
                      connect.sql  createdb.sql  createdb10.sql  dbowner.sql  epddl.sql  psadmin.sql  psroles.sql  ptddl.sql  ptddlupg.sql  rollback.sql  ts841.sql  updstats.sql  utlspace.sql
                      [psadm2@psovmfscmfp1 scripts]$
                      Even from the data directory...
                      [psadm2@psovmfscmfp1 data]$ ls
                      EDI_Txn_Samples.zip          mcfimnetworks.dat  opraliastype.dat           psibprofile.dat      pssptdefn.dat       pt851tlssve.dat           ptwftemplate.dat
                      activexlic.dat               mcfinstall.dat     portal_hp_pers.dat         psibwsdladmin.dat    pstimezone.dat      pt851tlstha.dat           query_tree_pt.dat
                      addlangs.dat                 modeldata.dat      prcs_cat_tbl.dat           pslang.dat           psveritylocale.dat  pt851tlsuke.dat           rp_v7vm.ddb
                      appdes.dat                   msf_roles.dat      prcs_cobol_web_output.dat  pslanguages.dat      pswebprofdef.dat    pt851tlszhs.dat           search
                      bstmt.edi                    msgtlara.dat       prcscustrecinf.dat         pslocaleorder.dat    pswebprofprop.dat   pt851tlszht.dat           search84.dat
                      budgjrnl.dat                 msgtlcfr.dat       prcsnonunique.dat          psmcfreasoncode.dat  psxpglbprop.dat     pt_cti_switch.dat         secppcopt.dat
                      cacerts.dat                  msgtlcze.dat       prcsoutdest_window.dat     psmcfrenperms.dat    psxprptcat.dat      pt_ibtransform_test.dat   signonpc.dat
                      cdm_file_ext.dat             msgtldan.dat       prcsoutdesttype.dat        psmcfsystem.dat      psxprptcatauth.dat  pt_url_prop_rec.dat       sm_sys_data_export.dat
                      confo80.edi                  msgtldut.dat       prcsoutput_winword.dat     psmcftopic.dat       psxptmploutfmt.dat  ptal_setup.dat            sm_sys_data_export_ppt.dat
                      curreng.dat                  msgtleng.dat       prcsoutputlist.dat         psmcftpsystem.dat    psxptmpltype.dat    ptarchbatchnum.dat        tlsupgnoncomp.dat
                      dash_daemon_cdb.dat          msgtleng1.dat      prcspurgelist.dat          psmsf_tables.dat     psxpxdoprop.dat     ptcs_handler.dat          tree.dat
                      dash_user_cdb.dat            msgtlesp.dat       prcssequence.dat           psoprdefn.dat        psxpxdopropopt.dat  ptcs_relatedservices.dat  trposimp.dat
                      decimalpos.dat               msgtlfin.dat       prcssystem.dat             psoptparmtype.dat    pt851tlsara.dat     ptcs_sysvar_tbl.dat       upg_dataconv.dat
                      defnsec.dat                  msgtlfra.dat       ps_aeinstancenbr.dat       psoptsolvercode.dat  pt851tlscfr.dat     ptcxm_display.dat         upg_messagecat.dat
                      dirgroups.dat                msgtlger.dat       ps_aelockmgr.dat           psperfglobals.dat    pt851tlscze.dat     ptfile_mime.dat           upg_projectdefn.dat
                      dlape01.dat                  msgtlhun.dat       ps_aeonlineinst.dat        psperfmon.dat        pt851tlsdan.dat     ptfp_setup.dat            upg_query_tree.dat
                      dlfofor33.dat                msgtlita.dat       ps_cubebuilder.dat         psping.dat           pt851tlsdut.dat     ptlocaledefn.dat          upgopt_ep84.dat
                      gm_transform_2590.xslt       msgtljpn.dat       ps_mcfuqtaskcfg.dat        pspingoptions.dat    pt851tlsesp.dat     ptlocaleoptndfn.dat       upgopt_ep88.dat
                      gm_transform_269.xslt        msgtlkor.dat       ps_olap_attrib_nam.dat     pspmusagemon.dat     pt851tlsfin.dat     ptmobile_demo.dat         upgopt_ep89.dat
                      gm_transform_272.xslt        msgtlnor.dat       ps_pt_ora_resource.dat     psprdmcntprv.dat     pt851tlsfra.dat     ptoptncatgrptbl.dat       vmarket.dat
                      gm_transform_398.xslt        msgtlpol.dat       ps_ptobjecttypes.dat       psprdmdefn.dat       pt851tlsger.dat     ptoptncattbl.dat          web_profile_tables.dat
                      gm_transform_398_pc.xslt     msgtlpor.dat       ps_wf_inststatus.dat       psprsmsync.dat       pt851tlshun.dat     ptpp_options.dat          web_profile_testing.dat
                      gm_transform_biosketch.xslt  msgtlrus.dat       psapmsgsubprcid.dat        pspttstanlrules.dat  pt851tlsita.dat     ptppb_setup.dat           webprofile.dat
                      ib_inst.dat                  msgtlsve.dat       pscharsets.dat             pspttstconfig.dat    pt851tlsjpn.dat     ptrcdispimage.dat
                      ibconnectors.dat             msgtltha.dat       pscollations.dat           psqryflags.dat       pt851tlskor.dat     ptsdkdata.dat
                      journal.dat                  msgtluke.dat       psconqrspropval.dat        psrf_fldr_lock.dat   pt851tlsnor.dat     ptsecquerydesc.dat
                      ledger.dat                   msgtlzhs.dat       psdb2xfr.dat               psrf_flist.dat       pt851tlspol.dat     ptstreng.dat
                      maintanddep.dat              msgtlzht.dat       psencrypt.dat              psrf_fview.dat       pt851tlspor.dat     ptupgconvert.dat
                      mcf_im_servers.dat           mtm.dat            psibenqueuelock.dat        psshadowseq.dat      pt851tlsrus.dat     ptuseroptndefn.dat
                      [psadm2@psovmfscmfp1 data]$

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                        N Gasparotto wrote:
                        I did not tested it yet, but it could be very nice to have PSEMAgent working as well.
                        Since I was saying about PSEMAgent, I should come back on this. This is working fine after setting configuration.properties properly. Connected as psadm1, under /opt/oracle/psft/pt/tools/PSEMAgent/envmetadata/config, file configuration.properties. Change :
                        by (PSEMHUB being your IP address or hostname)
                        Those changes could be done autimatically by the PSOVM scripts, but that's not a big deal.

                        Speaking about PSEMAgent, there's no Peoplesoft Change Assistant (PSCA) delivered for the Windows binaries anyway, so it should be also done manually to be able to test it. Is that possible to add these binaries on next OVM ?

                        • 9. Re: Scripts under $PS_HOME/scripts(/unix)
                          I'll open a request to get that added. Can you also let me know if there are any other software packages from the PS_HOME/setup folder that would be required. What I would really like to do is get a full list of additional doftware packages normally distributed by PeopleSoft and bundle those with the template. I'd lilke to get them all nailed at once rather than adding PSIDE for one template, CA for another, EM PlugIn for the next etc. This is really valuable information to us because we don't get the same amount of customer scrutiny on these templates as we get with our conventional deployments.

                          Thanks again for your comments

                          • 10. Re: Scripts under $PS_HOME/scripts(/unix)
                            I understand, but that's not always easy to realize what is needed in one shot.

                            So, in addition of the above PSCA :
                            PeopleSoft Testing Framework ?
                            Peoplesoft Impact Analyzer ?

                            • 11. Re: Scripts under $PS_HOME/scripts(/unix)
                              N Gasparotto wrote:
                              So, in addition of the above PSCA :
                              PeopleSoft Testing Framework ?
                              Peoplesoft Impact Analyzer ?
                              All those are now included in the last template FSCM9.1FP2 Peopletools 8.52.03 from April 2012 under $PS_HOME/toolspatchvcd.zip of the App/Batch/PIA server.
                              Thanks !