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    How set Forms property "check box mapping of other values" through Designer

      Hello Guru's

      I have a Designer generated application with checkboxes.
      Now when I generate a form with an optional checkbox I expect the checkbox to be unchecked if the value is N or null and checked when it is Y.
      This works correctly voor N and Y, but not for null. If the value is null in the database it is shown as checked in my form.
      I've looked at the form in Oracle Forms and there is this property "check box mapping of other values", its generated value is "checked" but it should be "unchecked".
      How can I manipulate the value of this property in Designer? I do not want to use set_item_property as this problem is arrising in al my forms all of a sudden (and I don't think there is a setting for this one), so I'm looking for a (application level?) setting that I must have changed accidentaly because it has worked like a charm for years.
      I've had a look at the generator preferences but could not find anything. I've also tried fidling with the default and optional settings of the items and columns concerned, but that can't be it, because it is suddenly broken for all items and columsn.

      If I change from checkbox to poplist, it works like a charm, but that is not acceptible to my users.

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