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      Hi Gurus,

      I m a junior DBA in my company..My company provided some doc about the DB refresh.When i go through it i got some doubt

      step1: copy the level 0 backup from PRDDB to TESTDB instance.

      e.g: scp db_PRDDB_3332_1_20090228.bk oracle@XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX:/u02/backup/


      Step2: create a soft link for the path in the TESTDB instance.

      Login as root user; create an u08/oracle/prddb directory

      [oracle@testdb prddb]$ ln -s /u02/backup/frm_prd_2009_mar02/ rmanbackup

      These are the first to steps of the doc.Here my doubts is why we are creating the softlink.Could u please any one explain ?

      Thanks in advance,

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          it is just for convenience.

          This soft link will help to use production backup by simply calling 'rmanbackup' , instead of mentioning the complete '/u02/backup/frm_prd_2009_mar02/' location every time.

          You can verify this by checking later steps. they may not talk about /u02/backup/frm_prd_2009_mar02/ location much after the soft link creation.
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            thanks for your reply..If u have any doc for DB Refresh could u please forward my email id ayyappansql@gmail.com...
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              DB refresh steps will vary greatly depending on the environment and method of refresh.

              Try to read any one good Backup&Recovery Handbook. That will make you less dependent on documents.

              But since you asked, I am sending one of the documents on RMAN based refresh with some good prefresh and postrefresh steps. But it should not be applied blindly on any environment, without understanding.

              Good luck!!

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                Thank you so much for your help.