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    db file sequential read instead db file scatered  read in FTS

      Hi gurus!

      I hope you all are ok.

      I need some help understanding this.

      1. I have a 3 gb table called MYTABLE.
      2. I have this pl sql code.
      Cursor mycur is
      Select * from mytable;
      Update mytable set col1=1;
      Open mycur;
      Fetch mycur ....
      Exit when ...
      End loop;
      Close mycur;
      3. The execution plan shows FULL SCAN on table mytable.
      4. Longops show Table scan mytable.
      5. But, session wait events show me db file sequential read instead db file scatered read when a full table scan is performed.
      6. In p1 parameter shows file# 52, file# 53, file# 54. All these files are UNDOTBS files.

      I don't undertand why is reading UNDOTBS?
      What i am misunderstanding?

      Thanks in advance!

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