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    Demand Due Date Changing

      Hi ,

      I was trying to run a small unconstrianed plan with one make item and two buy item with the below LT

      Item : Make
      Processing : 1 day
      Fixed : 0
      Variable : 0.333

      Item : Buy1
      LT : 5 days

      Item : Buy2
      LT : 6 days

      BOM and Routing defined.
      Now i placed a demand through forecast (bucket in days) and MDS as below
      Forecast-> From : 2/Jul/2012 To: 5/Jul/2012 Current qty: 100

      Copied it to the MDS as
      2/jul/2012- 100 qty
      3/jul/2012 - 100 qty
      4/jul/2012 - 100 qty
      5/jul/2012 - 100 qty

      Triggered the collection plan and then the plan. I have few doubts as beolw

      1) After the collecting plan,when i queried the item (in collected data) and viewed it through Supply and demand->Demand the forecast entry for 2/jul/2012 with 100 qty was viewable.rest is not available.Why is it so??But all the entries of the MDS was veiwable from 2/jul to 5/jul..

      2) After the running ASCP plan attaching the MDS for plan,when i queried the item(in planner workbench) and viewed it through supply and demand->Demand the suggested due date of all the demand was changed to 7th jul.As it is a unconstrained plan i am wondering why ASCP is pushing the due dates.

      3) In planner workbench where can view the suggested start date of a PR or DJ.My Implementation date is always showing the sugg due date of the demand.I need to when the PR or DJ need to released i mean the suggested start date.

      4) What is meant by transient and non-transient safety stock and what is the profile option to control it.

      5) If i am splitting the planned order for safety stock then how will be pegging done by ASCP...

      Kindly help me in clearing them.I am struck with these issues.

      With Regards,
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          Sandeep Gandhi, Consultant
          1) The forecast record would have a data point that says it is for 5 days. So this is ok.

          2) Check your forecast bucket. It must be a weekly forecast. Try to make it daily.

          3) The due date is when the material should be ready. ASCP will calculate appropriate start date based on the type of item and lead times. e.g. for make items, it will backtrack the mfg. times and create a wip job with correct start date. For purchased items, it will calculate appropriate dock date (i.e. need by date on PO) based on post processing lead time. You can see some of these dates by using folder functionality.

          4) Transient is basically MRP planned safety stock. Non-transient is what you setup in inventory module.

          Sandeep Gandhi
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            Hi Sandeep,

            Thanks for the reply

            I finally found the issue.It was the setup in the aggregation tab of the plan option.I increased the daily bucket days from 30 to 90 days and trigger the plan.ASCP started considering the demand due date as per the collection plan i.e on 2,3,4 and 5th of july and forecast with the single entry in the collection plan was also working fine in the plan.

            With Regards,