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    offline to online

      hi friends,

      can u plz help me out of this

      i am new to obiee 11g. i am doing pratice on 11g. i am getting error when i am doing repository offline to the onlie i got a error
      the error is
      log on failed due to the nqs error 43113 message returned from obis
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          I Hope you copied your repository from one location to another and giving this..
          As you are using 11g, its because you are already have the old reference when you copy. Delete that old reference like below:
          Open the repository in Offline mode and Goto Manage –> Identity here delete the old reference
          Restart the services.
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            Satya Ranki Reddy

            I error seem BI server not running.

            Please check below steps.

            1.On the Managed Server, go to the following directory that contains the OPMN command line tool:


            2.Run the OPMN tool using the appropriate opmnctl command.

            Use the following commands to view status, start, stop, and restart the system components using OPMN on Windows (for UNIX use the command ./opmnctl).

            â—¦opmnctl status

            Hope it hep's

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              I could not completely get your steps here, but I assume that you put a .rpd through EM and trying to open it online. If it is the case, then check the user with which you are trying to open the .rpd (.rpd can be opened online only by Roles which have the privileges ex: users of 'BIAdministrators" group in weblogic.

              Hope this helps.

              Thank you,