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    Remove all dynamic actions vestiges from a page

    Luis Cabral

      I am using Apex 4.0.2 and I need to build a really really light page that will be displayed on a "PDT" (portable data terminal.)

      I removed everything I could (e.g. load default files = NO etc) and the page is very light now, but despite the fact that I am not using any dynamic actions or "execute when page loads" scripts, dynamic action functions (e.g. apex.da.init) are still being called by the page startup code.

      My page is not loading the Apex dynamic actions JS file, so an error is raised when apex.da.init is called. That is not a big problem as despite that the page is working as expected, but would it be possible to have the page not to call any dynamic action script?

      My guess is a big "NO" but just wondering if there is a way...