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    Problem with SecurityGroup and Accounts.

      Hi all,

      We are trying to checkin all the documents in to "Private" security group, Then through accounts, each distributor has access to his documents only.

      If i give read permission in security group and Account user getting his documents.

      If remove permission on security group and account he have read permission then he unable to get the documents.

      any suggestions please.
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          I think you are describing the correct behaviour. Pls. note that resulting permissions are always taken as an intersection of both permissions granted by security group and accounts; ie. you need both R permission on sec group and accounts to get an access to items. I'm afraid it cannot be changed.

          This question is described in details here: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E21764_01/doc.1111/e10792/c03_security.htm#BGBGIJDJ