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    Issue while adding roles in weblogic portal admin console in cluster ENV.


      Our portal application is implemented and deployed using weblogic portal 10.3 server.
      The cluster has 1 admin and 4 managed servers.
      To assign roles to the users we are using weblogic provided portal admin console.

      The issue is:
      After assigning a role to the user if the request is going to the managed server which I used to assign the role then roles are getting populated with out any issue.
      But if the request is going to other managed servers roles are not getting populated properly.
      If we restart the whole cluster then roles are getting populated properly from all managed servers.
      I think it might be the issue with some frame work related cache.

      Could any one please help me to resolve this issue.

      Thanks in advance,
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          By default, WLP stores policy data such as roles/users/groups in both weblogic server embedded ldap and db to support user entitlements.

          The WebLogic Server embedded LDAP server for a domain consists of a master LDAP server, maintained in the domain’s Administration Server, and a replicated LDAP server maintained in each Managed Server in the domain. I think in your case, the ldap data of admin server and all managed server are not in sync.

          Probably you have checked "Refresh Replica At Startup" - when enabled/checked the embedded LDAP server in a Managed Server will refresh all replicated data at boot time only. That is reason why when you restart the servers, the roles populated from all managed servers.

          For more details see the doc at http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E15051_01/wls/docs103/secmanage/ldap.html#wp1102162