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    Global Attribute/Element in OSM

      Hi All,

      I want to make few elements as Global attribute in OSM, not task based.
      --> Let say I have 4 Task, In task one I have allocated/reserved the resource 'X' for my task, but later at Task 3 I changed 'X" to "ABC".
      Now Revision order has come and my compensation is Undo then Do, so whenever I am going back to Task 1, there allocated resource is "X" only, which is already changed to "ABC".

      So please let me know how I can maintain that.

      N Singh
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          This is OSM's behaviour and is working accordingly. Let me explain

          1)In Task 1, for one element lets say Element A you have entered value "X"
          2)In Task 3, you modified the element A's value to "ABC". Please notice, element A will still have value "X" stored on history but not visible.
          3)So, when you submit amendment, Task 3 will have "ABC" and will undo. <Fine, so far so good>
          4)In Task 1, Element A was processed with value "X" before, so, that value has to be undone too. Remember we have undone "ABC" before, so as "X" also has to be undone.

          Now, if you still want to achieve your mentioned scenario, then instead of changing the value from "X" -> "ABC" direclty as part of order process, you should raise an amendment and do it. Then everything will work as you expect above.

          Naveen Jabade
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            Thanks Naveen,

            But my requirement says that The value of an order Item should be changed in very task while I am changing in one Task.
            That's correct after amendment it will change, but I want to achieve this without amending.

            Please suggest me some way for that.

            N Singh
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              Hi N Singh,

              Without introducing amendments, the feature you suggested is not possible. Especially while undoing the task, OSM will fetch the data that was present when exiting/completing that particular task. As you know this is OSM's behavior.

              I am left with the suggestion to change the workflow. Anyways, please wait for experts comments.

              Naveen Jabade
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                N Singh;

                Can you explain why you are trying to do this? Please give the functional scenario to help us understand what you are trying to accomplish.