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    Hyperion Planning migration error while refreshing/creating Essbase cube

    M. de Haan

      I'm migrating a Hyperion Planning application ( to a complete other environment (due to the split of the companies). I have read most post on otn, but unfortunately nothing that helped me to solve the issue, yet... I hope someone can help me. Thanks in advance!

      I have executed the following steps:

      1. Create a new Oracle database
      2. Create a datasource to the Oracle database and to Essbase (both tested succesfully)
      3. Create a fresh planning application (I have used a native Admin account and not the original owner)
      4. Go into the database tables for the planning app and look at table HSP_USERS, store the SID value against user 50001
      5. Go into the database planning system tables and HSPSYS_APPLICATION, clear out the version field for the application you have created - I did not do this since I could not delete this value. null is not accepted.
      6. Stop Planning
      7. Restore the planning application database over the one created in the first step (I had to drop the existing tables first)
      8. Go into the HSP_USERS table and update the SID for user id 50001
      9. Start planning
      10. Log on to planning and I did see the webforms, etc as expected.
      11. Now, when I try to refresh the database, I receive an error:

      Cube refresh/create in progress
      Status failed
      Step 4 Adding dimensions
      java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: getAttributeType

      Does anyone has an idea? Hope someone can help me since the deadline is getting closer and closer.


      Kind Regards