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    "SEE IT" mode too slow

      Searched this topic and found nothing, so....

      I have been receiving feedback that the user community likes the UPK demos we did for PeopleSoft. But many are asking if we can speed up the mouse and click movement on the playback. Seems as though we are losing our audience due to the playback speed being set on "moron mode."

      I adjusted the delay times to be much shorter but we still have a need to rev it up some more.

      Is this possible? e

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          Hi. What I do is set the Frame Delay to Infinite. Then in See it mode the user can advance at their own pace by hitting Enter. The cursor movement is still on the slow side, but at least the user can control the frame speed. And if the the user wants to have full control, they use the Try It mode and can just hit Enter to advance frames. The cursor movement does not exist in Try It so it's not an issue.
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            Helpful info and work around, thank you. I will check back to see if others might respond with a way to hasten the movements during "SEE IT."
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              I found a solution to the slow speed of UPK's See-it Mode, and thought I'd share if anyone else still has this issue.

              1. Navigate to your exported \Publishing Content\PlayerPackage folder.
              2. Search for config.js
              3. edit the following values using a text/code editor.

                TrackFeedBack: true,
                MouseDelay: 100,
                BullseyeDelay: 150,
                InputDelay: 200,
                WheelDelay: 500,
                PausedDelay: 500,
                AllowRandomAnswersForMatchingQuestions: true,
                ShowFrameID: "Off"
              4. Save file, and re-test.
              5. Adjust values to the speed you desire.


              I used values around 30-40 for each setting.

              Also, note that each time you republish, you will need to change these values, as they get set back to default.


              Hope this helps!