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    "Line items"

      Hi Peers,

      I have enabled in scenario dimension "Use line items" but not in Accounts dimension. when selecting point of view after right click on the selected cell i am not able to see that command "line item detail".

      And again i came back and enabled where i required for that member and selected point of view, but not able to see "Use line items command"

      Please any one make clear in a complete gamut
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          If you enabled the both in Scenario and Account dimension for particular member, I think you forgot to reload the metadata. Once reload the metadata then you can see the Line Item Detail for that particular account.
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            Hi Peers,

            Bases on my Practice on the application i came to know "Use line items" is one time set up and we cannot change every now and then and we will get adverse effects on the metadata.

            and also "Use line items applicable to only base members.

            in my case i have not enabled in scenario dimension "use line items" but enabled in Account dimension for all base level accounts,i reloaded and i am not able to see after right click "Use Line item".

            Please clarify me where i am doing wrong
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              1.you are doing a very good practicing , Yes "Line Item Detail" is one time setup, while we developing the metadata there you can set up the "Line Item Detail" in scenario and Account Dimensions.

              2.If you enabled in both Scenario and Account Dimensions and loaded the data using "Line Item Detail". And at the later point went back and disabled the "Line Item Detail", and loaded the data. In this scenario data will be loaded but you already loaded the data using Line Item Detail that data will be lost. Data Lost means the sum of the data you can see but detail of the data that you could not able to see.

              3. If you want load the data using line item detail for particular account or accounts you must enable the "Use Line Item Detail" in both Scenario and Accounts dimensions.
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                I am not Asking Loading "Line Titem detail" i am asking enter line item detail in grid itself. Today in my practice i have enabled "Use line items in scenario" and not selected for any accounts while deploying metadata.again i open the metadata and enabled for base accounts only now i am not able to see in the data grid.

                my Doubt is that if we want use "Line item detail" at the time of metadata deployment itself we have to enable for both?

                In the data grid once i enter the amount and submit after that i have to type line item detail.

                I feel its a dauntingt ask. please any one guide me on this still not yet completely undetstand this functionality
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                  Yes,if you want to enter the "Line item details" in the data grid, you must enable in both Scenario and Account dimensions in the metadata. after enabling the metadata you must reload the metadata file to workspace.

                  Then only you will get the option "Line item detail" when you right on a cell in the data grid.
                  After that you can enter the values in the "Line items" then the data grid cell shows only the total value for the line items.

                  Still you have doubt on this? Mail to devaraj9000@gmail.com