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    Is there any way to implement Paging in af:selectManyShuttle coponent

      Hi all,

      We have a requirment to select multiple rows from the list of records .so we have selected <af:selectManyShuttle >component for it and we are opening the component as popup's

      But we were not able to get all values in the popup ( Popup is binded to VO which is has very generic SQL query) and has range size of 25.

      And we have search criteria implemented on top of shuttle component , user can enter some data and click on search ..based on the data user can move some records from left to to right .

      If i set the Rangesize=-1 , than my popup is not opening ,,its taking lot of time to open ,since table contains lot of data in it.

      Please can you suggest is there any way to implement paging ..fecting 25 ..at a time ..

      so that we do not have to fecth the entire data once ..

      Are there any better solutions for my problem..
      Thanks in advance