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    What Gartner is saying about Oracle Forms

    Grant Ronald-Oracle
      An interesting post here:
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          Could they be more vague? :-) The trouble with the industry now is its fragmenting terribly.

          "Migrate next-generation development projects to industry-dominant technologies (for example, Java, Microsoft .NET and open-source software) to align with industry best practices in the future."

          I was surprised to hear it is a widespread opinion that dot net is on its way out and MS is allegedly moving towards
          c++ . Must we always be going from one on its way out thing to another? Both java and dot net are very aged. So that leaves "open-source software"? I don't think they have much credibility with that level of vagueness.
          I'm thinking javascript is up and coming. That's about the only clear leader technology I see.
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            It looks as far as Oracle is conserned that ADF is the next thing. They have sure best the farm on it by redeveloping all Fusion Apps using the framework.
            Also it incorporates use of AJAX, Java script, Java, Best practices like M-V-C.
            If you want to learn more about the subject I suggest you look at the Kscope 12 conference http://kscope12.com/ .
            There is tons of content on the future of Oracle Forms as well as ADF.

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              Jdev is a very tightly orchestrated thing. You are doing things its way and its way is complex and redundant. It may be that all mvc and similar designs
              have the same redundancy. If jdev were to lighten up and have a jdev lite option minus mvc, more like forms, then it would be more of an option.

              Also jdev requires weblogic and massive knowledge to configure and deploy it. We need something a lot simpler and light weight for many locations.
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                if only they modernize forms, combination of sql/developer, javaFX 2_xx strength but mostly the same pl/sql environment less java.

                Small businesses is vast and large and forms still there prefarable system.
                They cannot cope out with this expensive,new techonology and more programmers,designers needs including lisences.

                Whereas in forms 6i even only one programmer can do all the things esp. where like us working in house developers of our medical company.