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    Preference in OTL


      There are many preferences listed in OTL Admin responsibility. Can you please tell me the way to enable/select a preference based on which I can enter a timesheet?

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          Giuseppe Bonavita
          Dear Sunil,

          preferences might be different depending on the application you need to send the timesheet to: HR, Payroll, Project, PO...
          please provide more details.

          in addition to that, there is some setup to be done, like creating elements, define alternate names, recurring periods and so on.
          Is OTL already in use in your environemnt?
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            I dont know anything about OTL. I am just trying to learn OTL by my own. I read few documents on the same. And got to know starting point is creating preferences and all. Suppose I want to create a new Timesheet for a Monthly payroll. Could you please tell me what are the steps that should be done right from entering Timesheet to reflecting them as an element to a paricular employee's assignment whose payroll is monthly. I am not sure if I have made my requirement clear to you. But if it will be help in case you guide me on it. Thanks.

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              Hi Sunil,

              I believe following site will be much helpful to you. Just go through that.


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