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    Skinning on ADF Dialog

      Hi All,

      I have a case regarding some styling. In my page i am using <af:popup> and as child of it i am using <af:dialog>. I am able to adjust the height/width of opened dialog but i can't control its background color. It is coming light blue by degault but i have to make it WHITE and for that i have given ibackground color as white in inline style of both dialog and popup , but then too its bg color becomes blue.

      How can i modify this? Please help.
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          Frank Nimphius-Oracle

          what you do is not skinning but plain use of CSS. Please refer to


          for how skinning works and also


          to learn about the skin editor and ..


          to learn about skin selectors. Your dialog selector is af|dialog (press ctrl+f on teh browser and search for it). Then apply the background color as shown below


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            Hi Frank,

            Does skinning of compoenents depends on the Jdeveloper version. Because i am unable to find the trinidads-skin.xml at the written path in documentation.
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              Navaneetha Krishnan Nataraj
              Which version of JDeveloper are you using?

              Create the file in the mentioned location if the file does NOT exists.

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                Hi Navaneetha,

                I have found the XSD location and i am able to update the skin and can see the changes on my page. But when my page loads something below prints on my console. Instead of the fact that i have put my CSS in the public_html folder. From my disk hirerachy of folders i have structure as public_html->CSS->CustomSkin.css. But i don't know why it puts something like that on console.

                +<StyleSheetEntry> <_getNameResolver> Could not load style sheet: META-INF/../../public_html/css/CustomSkin.css+
                +<StyleSheetEntry> <_getNameResolver>+

                java.io.FileNotFoundException: Unable to locate style sheet "META-INF/../../public_html/css/CustomSkin.css" in local styles directoryAny idea?

                One more question:- We have a extends tag in trinidad-skins.xml. If i want to override the default SKIN for Fusion apps, what value should this tag contain. I have made an entry like:- fxFusion.desktop in this tag, to just confirm is it right?
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                  I got it . Entends tag must contain the value simple.desktop and when i moved my CustomSkin.css in the same folder as for trinidad-skins.xml that console error also went. I don' know this is correct or not. But if it is wrong please correct me.
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                    Navaneetha Krishnan Nataraj
                    Can you specify the JDeveloper version that you are using?

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                      Oops!! i posted my last post with some wrong inputs. My jdev version is Jdev11 release 1.5.
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                        Navaneetha Krishnan Nataraj
                        Check this project: https://adfsampleapplications.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/PS4SkinningSample.rar
                        You would need to create trinidad-skins file and refer the skin family in trinidad-config.xml.

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                          Hi Navaneetha,

                          I have already generated these 2 files and have ammended tag descriptions. But still the same error. I don't know whether it's because of domain temp files or not. I haven't tried to regenerate my domain, as i don't have time for this.