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    SQL-Developer: Shortcuts and flaws in internationalization

      Hi I'm a frequent user of SQLdeveloper, Jdeveloper and other IDE, which I daily use for programming. Comment/Uncommenting blocks of sourcelines is a very frequent usaged feature in a IDE.
      I use SQLdeveloper in Switzerland with swiss keyboard.
      The function "Comment/Uncommenting" indicates shortcut STRG-Schrägstrich whould do the job. This should be CTRL-slash == CTRL-/ (or CTRL-backslash == CTRL-\ ?? in German Schrägstrich is not that explicit which one is meant).

      Not any of these shortcuts ever works.
      I tried any combination of keyboard strokes in the last few years, but I did'nt find out. Every now an then this issue is coming up, and it bores me quite a bit.

      This question is about these functions:
      Menupath: Bearbeiten > Quelle > Zeilenkommentare ein-/Ausschalten STRG-Schrägstrich
      Menupath in US (guessed) : edit > Source > toggle sourcelines

      Are these shortcuts customizable?
      What are the keystrokes on US-keyboard layout'?
      Is there any way to do this on my swiss keyboard?


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          Shortcuts are customizable from
          Tools -> Preferences -> Shortcut Keys
          Here you can also see the currently configured shortcuts.

          Also if you want to use SQLDeveloper in english regardless of your computer settings you can add the following line:
          AddVMOption -Duser.language=EN
          to your sqldeveloper.conf file usually located in [SQLDEVELOPER INSTALL DIR]/sqldeveloper/bin.