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    404 in Document Explorer when opening .docx file

    Jaap Spiering
      In WebCenter Portal: Spaces 11g PS5 I have a page with a Document Explorer task flow.
      In the folder shown I have Wiki documents, which when clicked open in the task flow and can be edited etc.

      There is a .docx file in there as well, but when I click to open it, a 404 error is shown in the task flow.
      The URL that was attempted to access is:

      this doesn't work. I'm mainly puzzled about the skin, language and time zone information in there.

      The URL on the Content Server would be:
      which works, so the required components are working fine.

      Flavius Burca's blog triggered me to try this out, but I don't see the Edit with Word button either:

      Any ideas?
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          Yannick Ongena
          This is normal behaviour in WebCenter. WebCenter isn't that bright on that area. It expects UCM and WebCenter be available on the same host/port. So WebCenter will just use the host and port from your current session and append /cs/.... in order to retreive the document.

          In order to get this resolved you need to use OHS and configure both Spaces and UCM in the oHS. You can get some information about this config on my blog: http://www.yonaweb.be/enable_ucm_check_in_profiles_webcenter_ps3_0

          I thought this problem had been resolved in PS5. You sure you are using PS5 ( and not PS4 (
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            Jaap Spiering
            Yes, absolutely, definitely :)

            I figured this has to do with the different ports. I've seen similar issues in the past, though it would be fixed too.
            Haven't had the time yet to install and configure OHS, will see if we can squeeze it into our planning then.