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    Problem in Hierarchy column

      Hi All,

      Currently working in OBIEE 11g, I have kept product hierarchy column ( Product Total - > Product Group -> Product Sub Group -> Product Detail ) as dashboard prompt,
      created graph with the following columns product hierarchy in report prompt level and In selection steps i have given keep only detail level and

      while running dashboard, when i select group level ini product hierarchy the graph is showing all the products under that group.

      But when i select one group level and another group detail level, the graph is showing only second group detail level Not the first.

      My requirement is to show the detail level in both group.

      Thanks in advance,
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          Satya Ranki Reddy
          Hi ,

          You have to apply content level in lowest level.

          Go --> BMM layer--> select fact table-->right click properties--> select content tab--> here you can find level option. Here you need to apply lowest level your dim.

          Then it will give all groups data.

          Hope it help's

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            If you have created the dimension hierarchy then you need to go to the RPD and open the fact table in bmm layer. And go to the third tab 'Content' and see if the dim hierarchy is mapped. And make it as detail or the lowest level for your hierarchy in the drop down.
            Check Consistency and restart services and check the data.

            Hope this helps