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    OTN PeopleBooks

      Does anyone else have the problem that the OTN PeopleBooks search function isn't working on some of the PeopleBooks? I use the Campus Solutions books a lot and most of the time the search isn't working at all:


      I'm using Firefox. The page just seems to load endlessly, but the search isn't appearing.
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          I had the same issue yesterday with PeopleTools peoplebooks. Finally i ended up opening multiple books and search using Index.
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            I have the same issue with your url.

            Is the given link come from the main page of hosted Peoplebooks ?
            The link to CRM out there returns a page where 'search' feature works well.


            PS: I should rather say it works every other time...
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              Yeah it is a link from that page. The link I posted is what you end up with when clicking a link through the advanced search. The link from that page directly has the same problem by the way:


              It's something that occurs pretty often on the Campus Solutions books and it is extremely annoying to say the least.
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                Since Oracle themselves promote this site to be included into production environement as a "help link", you could raise a SR to the support.
                You could also create a thread in the documentation forum which is monitored by Oracle people or if you prefer I can also moved this one out there.

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                  If you could move this one that'd be great.
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                    Thread moved from Peoplesoft to "Oracle Discussion Forums » Technology Network Community » Documentation".
                    Hoepefully, some people from Oracle are listening over here.

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                      I hope so as well.. This is also an interesting one by the way:

                      The page http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E17566_01/epm91pbr0/eng/psbooks/psft_homepage.htm where all the books are linked has this comment on the bottom of the page:

                      "Post comments and questions regarding Hosted PeopleBooks in the PeopleSoft Information Development Forum."

                      The PeopleSoft Information Development forum is probably an internal Oracle site (http://myforums.oracle.com/jive3/forum.jspa?forumID=4783) which is not accessible by non-Oracle employees.
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                        And in addition, none of the links on the top right of the pages (search/help/accessibility) are working.

                        An other way to complain, post a comment in the peoplesoft tech. blog hosted by Oracle which announced the Peoplebooks availability 3 years ago...

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                          I've posted a comment there. Hopefully it will get some attention.