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    BI Publisher - Format - Page Total ROW - Please help

      BIP Template builder Version -
      Source system JD - Edwards


      Would much appreciate any help with this formatting issue I am struggling with.
      Requirement is to draw a border-top / border-bottom line around a carry-forward / brought-forward totals row at the start and end of each page.
      The struggle is to make these border lines appear ONLY when any values are shown in the BF / CF total line. The low-tech solution that is currently in place does a table border around the totals row that displays all the time.

      If it is of any help the code that initiates the total variable is :


      The code that displays the total at the bottom of the page is :

      <xdofo:inline-total display-condition="exceptlast" name="PrvAmt">Balance B/Fwd: <xdofo:show-carry-forward name="PrvAmt" format="99G999G999D00"/></xdofo:inline-total>

      Many thanks

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