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    Retrieving data from RDBMS

      Hi Guys,
      I have a requirement for which i would expect some guidelines from Essbase gurus.
      I have an Essbase ASO application in which outline of the application is built using flat files. The data is loaded to the application using SQL interface fetching data from MSSQL db. The data need to be loaded for 4 years which takes a lot of time and the task is to reduce this data load process.

      Is it possible to implement Hybrid model in such a situation? The outline should continue to be built from flat files and then mapped to backed database tables. When user queries essbase, the data should be fetched from RDBMS and displayed in Essbase Excel Add-in.

      We are OK with delayed querying time since there are only 10-12 users for the application. Our aim is to get rid of flat files for data load process and at the same time minimise the data load time. We have tried parallel load using SQL Interface load rules.