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    Pulling a property from one node to another

      I have a hierarchy that contains many thousands of nodes at various levels of the hierarchy. At the bottom (leaf) are two types of nodes. ‘S’ and ‘U’. The ‘U’ nodes contain a property that is the same as one (and only one) of the ‘S’ nodes. The ‘S’ nodes contain a property (T or NT). I want to derive a property for the ‘U’ nodes that pulls the property from the ‘S’ node in Prop1. At its simplest form, it would look like this:

      NODE          Prop1     Prop2
      S12345               NT
      U98765          S12345     NT (Pulled from the ‘S’ node in Prop1)

      It seems like this should be simple, but it has me stumped. I feel like I’m missing the obvious answer. Any ideas? FYI, we’re using DRM V