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    Absence Management intro

      Dear Gurus.

      i am new to oracle HRMS functional side, i wounder if someond help me to understand the absence management functionality. i have setup absence management on vision and use seede accrual formula.

      below are the confusion points.

      1 - If a person is allowed four leave, and took more then two . how can we dedicate salary of two days from this salary.
      2- how can carryover and carryforward works.
      3- what is we want to use leave band as defined on grade level.

      thanks in advance for your time and effort.
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          Duncan Casemore

          Here are some pointers:

          1) You'll need to setup payroll. There are loads of ways of doing this. You could process the absence elements and do calculations in the payroll Fast Formula. You could also setup a recurring standard element that monitors absence and feeds an absence deduction element. Or you could have n indirect element off salary.
          2) You just run the PTO Carry Over concurrent program, which creates non-recurring positive adjustments in the new year.
          3) Setup a 'User Defined Table (UDT)' with Grade as the column (or some kind of Conceptual Grade Group, such as a Grade DFF attribute) and call get_table_value in your Accrual Fast Formula).

          I hope that helps!