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    jax-ws web service

      Hi,I created a web service and build it in OEPE and deployed. But when I view it in server admin console, it's type is jax-rpc. How can I make it jax-ws? Thanks!
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          Can you specify which Weblogic Server version you are using?

          What annotations are you including in your service? For example any from weblogic.jws.* may designate an RPC type, specifically weblogic.jws.WLHttpTransport.
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            I use wlp10.3.4. I include standard javax.jws.soap.WebService, SOAPBinding, WebMethod, WebResult. I don't use any weblogic specific. Thanks!
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              In general, RPC is specified at deployment in the weblogic-webservices.xml file containing <webservice-type>JAXRPC</webservice-type>. Additionally, a webservices.xml will exist describing jaxrpc-mapping. Currently OEPE does not support JAX-RPC, and the deployments I have tested specify that they are JAX-WS in the admin console against wls 10.3.5.

              Project: What is the Project Type? What facets are enabled on your project?

              Deployment: Are you performing a run-as run-on-server from the java web service file?
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                I don't have weblogic-webservices.xml, webservices.xml file. Project is web service project. It has Dynamic web module, java annotation processing, weblogic web app ext, weblogic web service, weblgic web service client. These are the facets when I create the project. I didn't add any extra manually. For deployment, my project is part of the ear, so I just deploy the whole application and then I checked admin console.
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                  I created a web service and build it in OEPE and deployed.

                  Create a JAX-WS web service with the @WebService annotation.