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    What is a good design for remote Views?

      Hi All,

      I am thinking how would I design my process for performance consideration in retrieving dynamic values of table/view data.

      The requirement is like this:
      1. We have 50 databases residing on each own server counterpart (50 servers).
      2. Each database has table Patch_LeveL (apps_name, patch_level), which contains  just one row only to reflect the latest patch level applied for the apps on this database. Note that are we constantly on applying service packs for this apps.
      3. On our central monitoring server (db). I create 50 database LINKS for each of the 50 databases.
      4. I created 50 views over these links to make  it centralized to represent  the 50 Patch_Level tables. As   patch_level_view1, 2, 3.....patch_level_view50.
      5. I then create a central view as .... as  union of the 50 individual views 
      Actually I am just planning to do the above activity.

      My question is....is this a good design for performance? Can you share be a better approach?

      Is there a limitation of joining "union" of 50 views?

      Thanks a lot,