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    Customer Address Validation in Oracle HTML Quoting

      We have migrated our customer data from Legacy system into Oracle but as part of this migration, there were some address records which were ill-formed that also got imported within Oracle. For e.g a customer A having 2 addresses, one of which did not satisfy the requirements of its address style (the seeded address styles like UAA,NE,JP etc.).

      Now, in some cases, when a user is creating a quote using Oracle HTML quoting and selects a customer that has an ill-formed address, the quoting module is forcing the user to fix the address before creating quote lines. Since the user, in many cases, has no idea on the correct information on the missing address fields, he updates them with some junk values, just to satisfy the field validations. Thre is a Credit and Collections team that runs periodic reports on customer address changes and the addressed which are being modified by the quoting user are showing up in those reports.

      1. Is there any standard way to disable address validation check in Oracle HTML quoting ?
      2. I understand that address validation check is a mandatory one but is there a way to defer this check when a quote is ready to be converted into an order.

      Any pointers on this will be very helpful.