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    Bursting sends empty excel file in the Email

      Hi All,

      As part of sending email to customer with report output in an excel format, I am using bursting logic. report program is completing successfully and the excel attachment is also sent in the mail, but the file is empty. Is there is work around, do you have any idea on this?

      Here is bursting code :
      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      <!-- dbdrv: none -->
      <xapi:requestset xmlns:xapi="http://xmlns.oracle.com/oxp/xapi" type="bursting">
      <xapi:request select="/RAXINV_XMLP/LIST_G_BATCH_NUM/G_BATCH_NUM">
      <xapi:email server="${CP_EMAIL_SERVER}" port="${CP_EMAIL_PORT}" from="${CP_EMAIL_FROM}" reply-to="${CP_EMAIL_REPLY_TO}">
      <xapi:message id="email_en" to="${CP_EMAIL_REPLY_TO}" attachment="true" content-type="text/html" subject="Batch No = ${BATCH_NUM}">
      <style type="text/css">
      body {font-family:Arial}

      Dear Sir / Madam, Please refer new program outpt

      <p> </p>
      Please find attached your AR Invoice (<b>]]>${BATCH_NUM}<![CDATA[</b>)</body></html>]]></xapi:message>
      <xapi:document output-type="excel" delivery="email_en" output="RAXINV_XMLP_${CONC_REQUEST_ID}_${BATCH_NUM}.EXCEL">
      <xapi:template type="xsl-fo" location="xdo://RAXINV_XMLP_RECN_LT.en.US"/>