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    Return the old Look & Feel of Java API DOC

      Please go and vote for your preference: Old VS New L&F for Java API Doc :


      I am programming with Java for 14 years already. I always thought that one of the great advantages of Java is the fresh and light documentation and the minimalistic Look & Feel that makes work with Java API MUCH more fun. When Oracle acquired Sun I wrote a letter to the contact Email with special request to keep the old L&F.Apparently no one in Oracle read this request.

      It seems that putting a stamp on the Intellectual Property (e.g. documentation) is much more important to Oracle then keeping the quality of its heritage. I am still working with Java, and like it very much but I am trying to avoid the API Doc - which is the most important reference for programmer.

      Why is that?
      It is simply NOT pleasant to eyes!
      It gives the feeling of something old and heavy that no one want to touch!

      So I decided to make an act and create a public web pool that is open for all programmers. I believe that many agree with me. So please vote and lets see how many think the same. And don't forget to pass the link to this pool so Oracle will get a feedback.

      So please vote for your preference: Old VS New L&F for Java API Doc