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    dbca & Xming

      Hi experts,

      I have two Environemts:

      First Environemnt: RH 5.4/X86 + Oracle RDBMS

      Second Environment: RH 5.4/X86-64 + Oracle RDBMS

      On the Windows 7-Client I started Xming and started dbca on both systems over putty with identical configured sessions

      The Xming-Server on Windows 7-Client can show the dbca-windows of Oracle RDBMS but not the dbca-windows of Oracle RDBMS (they were only displayed only on Server side.)

      My Question:
      Why? Can anyone give me a tip?
      Thanks and regards

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          My question:

          What does 'can not display' mean? Any error messages? If so, why are we not to know? Did you try xhost + on the database server?
          Did you check whether your X-server on Windows 7 works properly on the 10gR2 server?
          Why do you assume this is an Oracle problem?
          Did you check other X-windows based Oracle tools?

          Sybrand Bakker
          Senior Oracle DBA
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            This is not a general database question, but one dealing with X-Windows.

            As for the problem - you neglected to provide any details as to how you have defined the display for DBCA to use, and what the actual error is when DBCA is run on the Unix server and fails to connect to your Windows-7 X-Server display.

            As for a tip? Use the appropriate forum instead and when you do, describe your problem accurately and in detail.
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              Thanks to Billy & Sybrand


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                I discovered the wonderful mobaxterm recently when faced with something similar. just could not get x-windows to work.....this baby just opened.

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                  No need for commercial-ware.

                  Install andLinux on your Windows platform. And you have Linux running together, and integrated with, Windows (not as a separate VM).

                  Open a Linux ssh shell in Windows, ssh into a Unix/Linux server (enabling X tunneling) - then run the X application on that server and interact with the display directly from the Windows desktop.

                  Costs nothing. Easy to install. Easy to use.