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    Opscenter 12c creating new zones on x86 server failing

      Asking for some help!!!,

      We are in the process of implementing Oracle Cloud Control 12c and of course Opscenter is a piece of it. When using Opscenter to install new zones on Sparc platform all works as expected. When using Opscenter to install new zones on a x86 server the process fails with not much information to go on. Without being too verbose with error messages we found the following in the /var/log/zones/zoneadm.323213129xxxx.ddasdhasdj.install file

      Running auto-install: '/usr/bin/auto-install -z ddasdhasdj -Z dsaas7990000000000000dasdasda7777/rpool/ -m /tmp/manifest.xml.dsada -c /var/mnt/virtlibs/312321312890/zone-config-profile.xml
      Error: auto-install failed.
      Exiting with exit code 255.
      ===== Completed: /usr/lib/brand/solaris/pkgcreatezone this command is also followed by much of the same command-line qualifiers from above.

      I'll will say this, the auto-install failed message is actually coming from line 242 fo the pkgcreatezone script found in /usr/lib/brand/solaris

      Anyone with experience or knowledge in the area is greatly appreciated.