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    Forms 11gR2 & Identity Management?

      Has anyone installed Forms 11g R2 with Identity Management? Does anyone have some good instructions (installers, versions, scripts, etc) for Identity Management in preperation for a Forms R2 installation?

      We keep running into issues trying to get Identity Management (IDM,OAM,SOA) installed that we are now considering just staying on 10g with SSO.
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          Michael Ferrante-Oracle
          If you install the versions deemed certified with FMw11R2 prior to installing FMw, the integration will be easier as the FMw installer will prompt you for the necessary info during the process. Either way, refer to the product documentation for the details. The doc includes info about which versions of IM are supported for use with this FMw release. Understand that these versions may not be compatible with other products which you may be using, so review and choose carefully.

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            We've been working with Oracle Support but so far they haven't been able to figure out what keeps crashing the Identity Management configuration step so I was hoping for some better instructions than just the Oracle documentation which isn't very helpful.