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    Solaris 11 rescan hardware Grub


      I recently installed Solaris 11 on an VMware ESXi server. For Solaris I used
      a dedicated harddisk wich is accesed directly (ESX direct pass-through).
      Eventually I want only Solaris on this pc and use VirtualBox as virtualisation system.
      I did a test to boot Solaris directly without ESX , the Grub loader appears and then Solaris starts but immediately
      quits because is sees different hardware.
      Is it possible with some key combination (in Grub) to force a Solaris hardware rescan?

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          In the "grub" menu, select the Solaris 11 entry and select "e" for edit. Add a " -r" to the kernel line and boot. That should instruct the kernel to rebuild the devices.
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            I added -r to the kernel line and reboot, but the problem remains.
            I shortly see the Solaris start screen but then it immediately reboots.
            In this case (on plain hardware) it doesnt see the VMware virtual hardware anymore
            but a plain HP DC7900, I will check if Solaris can run on a DC7900.

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              Well, if you have run Solaris inside a VMWare guest, even though you used a raw disk to install the system, I bet that after you removed the VMWare installation, you'd need to run installgrub from the S11 installer CD or USB key.

              So, I think what is happening here is that grub runs and then tries to boot the kernel, however with some false offset and thus reboots.
              My take on this would be:

              - boot of the text installer CD or USB key
              - chose "Enter Shell"
              - check your rpool, maybe run zfs import…

              installgrub /boot/grub/stage1 /boot/grub/stage2 /dev/rdsk/<whereever your rpool slice is located>