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    How to cancel a plan in kv admin?


      I created a plan did not workout. It blocks me try other plans...
      What kind of command I can use to delete this plan?


      kv-> show plans
      1 Deploy clmdev SUCCEEDED
      2 Deploy n01 SUCCEEDED
      3 Deploy admin SUCCEEDED
      4 Deploy clmdev2 SUCCEEDED
      5 Deploy n02 ERROR

      kv-> plan -execute -name "Deploy n02 6000" deploy-sn 2 oradev05.xxxxx.com 6000 "comment2"
      Exception while executing command plan: Oracle NoSQL DB 11gR2.1.2.123 oracle.kv.impl.admin.IllegalCommandException: Plan 10[Deploy n02 6000] is an exclusive type plan, and cannot be created because Plan 5[Deploy n02] is active. Consider canceling Plan 5[Deploy n02].
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          All right. I figure it out.

          kv-> help
          addpool - Create a new Storage Node pool
          approve - Approve a plan to modify the store
          cancel - Cancel a plan that is not running
          configure - Configure the Store with a store name
          connect - Connect to an Admin service
          execute - Execute a plan
          help - Lists available commands
          hidden - Toggle advanced mode to get/set hidden parameters
          history - Shows command history
          interrupt - Interrupt a plan that is currently running
          joinpool - Add a Storage Node to a Storage Node pool
          load - Load and execute commands from a file
          logtail - Execute a remote tail -f on the storewide log
          ping - Ping the entire store to show status
          plan - Create a plan to modify a store.
          Issue 'plan' with no arguments for details
          quit - exit the shell
          retry - Retry a plan that is currently running
          rmpool - Remove a Storage Node pool
          set - Set global environment parameters.
          Issue 'set' with no arguments for details
          show - Display configuration information about the store instance.
          Issue 'show' with no arguments for details
          snapshot - Create, remove and list snapshots on all nodes in the store
          verbose - Toggle verbose mode to change output verbosity
          verify - Verify the configuration of the entire store
          kv-> cancel
          Usage: cancel <id>
          kv-> cancel 5