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    12c  database software  install question

      I am installing 12C database software.
      (I have 12C GI installed already.)

      we downloaded 12C database software --two files  database.tar   database-1.tar

      after untar, I started the install by run installer at 1st database directory.
      /software/oracle/12R1/database> ./runInstaller
      I followed the GUI screen, after several pages. at product install page, it showed error like:
      File not found

      and more.

      ---if the missed files are in the second downloaded database-1 directory ? what I need to do for
      the installer to copy files from database-1 ?
      ---does the file not found error means : we did not down load the DB software file properly. RE-download may be
      solve the problem ?

      Please advice someone ? I will appreciate your help with this situation.