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    how application module helps for performance improve

      Hi Everyone,

      I have a sample web-application in which I am connecting with single AM instance (AM for database view object), retrieving some information and then close the connection. I am doing this as,

      // making AM instance
      <application module instance> = Configuration.createRootApplicationModule(<AM name>, config);

      // performing operations
      <operation result> = <application module instance>.<access VO with any operation>();
      System.out.println("Get result here");

      // disconnecting AM instance
      <application module instance>.getDBTransaction().disconnect();
      Configuration.releaseRootApplicationModule(<application module instance>, true);

      These are the activities which are performed by a single user. Now, I am doing stress test on same activities. I am testing the same code with 300 concurrent users (using JMeter with JSP URL). These are working fine. Also I checked multiple times, it always working fine.

      Now, I need to do something through which I can improve the performance. I know, I can use AM pool configurations to make this more effective. I have gone through the Oracle documents and checked the same test case with default or recommended pool configurations and I found similar kind of results (there is not much difference).
      On other hand, I tried with 'releaseRootApplicationModule' method with false parameter and found better results in default as well as recommended pool configurations.

      My question is, is the change of pool configurations recommended by Oracle really work? or do I need to concentrate more on coding part with default pool configurations?

      Here, I would like to know, what are the best practice (in code as well as pool configurations), I need to follow if I really want to improve the performance in real scenarios (when our application will access with large no. of concurrent users).

      I really look forward some help from experts. I have given a lot of time on this to know how really we can make our application more effective in terms of performance.

      I really appreciate for your reply.

      Dilip Gupta.