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    RAC Interconnect Transfer rate vs NIC's Bandwidth

      Hi Guru,

      I need some clarification for RAC interconnect terminology between "private interconnect transfer rate" and "NIC bandwidth".
      We have 11gR2 RAC with multiple databases.

      So we need to find out what the current resource status is.
      We have two physical NICs each node. And 8G is for public and 2G is for private (interconnect).
      Technically, we have 4G for Private network bandwidth.

      If I look at the "Private Interconnect Transfer rate" though OEM or IPTraf (linux tool), it is showing 20 ~30 MB/Sec.
      There is no any issue at all at this moment.

      Please correct me if I am wrong.
      The transfer rate will be fine till 500M or 1G/Sec. Because the current NIC's capacity is 4G. Does it make sense ?

      I'm sure there are multiple things to consider,but I'm kind of stumped on the whole transfer rate vs bandwidth. Is there any way to calculate what a typical transfer would be....

      OR How do I say our interconnect are good enough ....based on the transfer rate ?

      Another question is ....
      In our case, how do I set up the warning threshold and Critical threshold for "Private Interconnect Transer rate" in OEM ?

      Any comments will be appreciated.

      Please advise.