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    Does OData work with ODTwithODAC11. without Visual Studio 2010


      We have developed and deployed an .NET Framework 4 version of an OData (ADO.NET Entity Data Model) WCF service application on a Windows 2003 Server which has Oracle 10g, Visual Studio 2008, and ODTwithODAC112030 installed and it runs great in IIS6. We then have taken the same WCF service application and deployed it on another Windows 2003 Server which has Oracle10g and ODTwithODAC112030 installed, but no Visual Studio 2008, and runs not so great in IIS6. The application will render the OData entity model database table listing and $metadata, but not the table's record data. Diagnostics with the service trace log configured reveals that an exception was thrown due to the service model communication transport channel aborting, i.e. "The communication object, System.ServiceModel.Channels.TransportReplyChannelAcceptor+TransportReplyChannel, cannot be used for communication because it has been Aborted." So my question is ODTwithODAC112030 contingent on Visual Studio being installed or should perhaps another ODAC API be installed in it's abscence, perhaps an ODP version without the tools.

      I apologize in advance if this was not the right forum for this question.