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    Eclipse hangs and the JVM terminates in a Swing app incorporating JavaFX

      Hi everyone,

      I have a situation that is driving me nuts. I am developing a Swing based application which is incorporating some JavaFX components,mainly the TableView and a few layouts. I have wrapped all the javafx components into a common control for use application wide. I am also using an Eclipse plugin (Window Builder Pro) to layout the swing stuff.

      Now, my issue is, when I preview the JFrames and other components making use of the said simple custom control referred above, it only allows me to preview the JFrame once, there after Eclipse hangs and the JVM terminates.

      After some research, the most likely cause of this is that the reference to jfxrt.jar i have referenced in the project is loading some native dlls which can/should only be loaded once in the lifetime of a JVM. It looks like for some reason, my app is trying to load the native libs after it has already loaded them initially.

      The Application needs to be developed in Eclipse so netbeans is not an option.

      Am just getting started with maven, i don't have the know to build a project of this complexity with maven.

      Has any one encountered this issue and how did they walk around it?

      Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.