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    Knowledge Center wont load after installation

      Hi all

      I've been trying to install KC (version 11.1) on a new blank Win2008R2 server with MS_Sql for a few times now. I've followed the instructions to the letter and every instlation ends up with a failure to load the system login page.
      The install itself says "sucessful" with no errors along the way however once i try to enter the URL or even try to brwose the Kcenter virtual directory via IIS Browse function all i get is "the page can not be displayed.

      I've cheked the IIs and the website is accessible. other virtual directories are also accessible via web. only the Kcenter site seems to be "unreachable"

      Server details: Win2K8R2
      DB: MSSQL2008R2Express

      Client: Win7, using IE9 and FF 9.0.1

      I also made sure the site is on my trusted site list and verified cocles are enabled....

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          Hello Joe,

          Is the URL you launch http://server/Kcenter? If yes, the system should ask you a login. You have to use the account you use to install KC with the standard form in UPK Domain\user or ServerName\User if you use a local user.

          Kind regards,

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            Hi Alexandre

            Yes the URL is directing to the /KCenter virtual directory. The problem is not the login page - the problem is that i dont even get that far.
            Once the url is entered the page starts to load and ends up with no results. the reply is "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage"

            I've eliminitad the browser to be a problem after allwoing all cockies and reapting this with FF (cockies enabled as well)

            I've been repeating the installation for several times now, both on Win2K8 and Win2K3 and the same result.

            As if the application will not run :-(

            I tried to verify if the installation is currepted but i also used the same copy to install UPK Sever, Client and Single Seat and nothing (including in the KC instllation) had alerted a failure.
            All the other three were installed and worked with no issues.... only the KC will not load :-(

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              I have just setup our Knowledge Center & currently have the same problem. At the moment I am getting around it by using the IP address of the server, instead of the domain name in the URL.

              (I am asking our IT dept if there's some issue with the DNS converting the domain name to IP address & waiting a response.)

              Hope this helps. :-)

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                I've tried that and that without any luck...

                the funny thing is the login has been successfull when using chrom (!!!!!!) and not on all Workstations, actually - on the same one chrom was able to log in IE faild, FF and Safari as well...

                I've heard back from Oracle's support a few times with different suggestions but no luck.
                The last comment was about SP1 of Win2K8 R2. Basically they told us to remove it reinstall KC and then install SP1 again....

                can do it on that machine since its a SP1 install ......