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    GRC : What Product Packs to download from edelivery

      Kindly let me know what combinations of Product Packs & Platforms to select in edelivery for installing ebs 12.1.1., GRCM & GRCCI on a single machine (intel i3 – 2100) with 64 bit windows (firsts option) and Win 32 bit (second option).

      I will be depending on just edelivery (got no access to downloads patch or installation related notes CSI).


      Pl. Note:

      Win 64 bit Platform:
      In edelivery on selecting Product Pack: GRC only win 64 bit platform option is available. It contains only GRCC Media pack
      i) Where do I find Media pack for Transaction controls and Transaction Controls Governer?
      ii) Where do I find GRCM Media Pack for win 64 bit platform. Is GRCM for win 64 bit incorporated in the ebs win 64 bit media pack?

      I assumed it must be so and I went and selected Product Pack:EBS & Platform:Win 64 bit. But then theres no EBS 12.1.1 media pack at all under this combination. How come?
      iii) So where do I find EBS Media pack for Win 64 bit platform?

      Win 32 bit Platform:
      Decided to opt for Win 32 platform and selected Product Pack:EBS & Patformn:Win 32. It displays EBS Rel 12.1.1 but then there is no GRC (neither GRCC or GRCM) under it.
      iv) Am I wrong in assuming that GRCC & GRCM are incorporated in EBS 12.1.1 Win 32 bit Media pack because Oracle has not given any option to select Win 32 bit platform along with Product Pack: GRC in edelivery?

      Will appreciate if someone can clarify (without asking me to refer to some notes).

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