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    RTC-5161 Error when deploying a MAP


      I recently upgraded OWB to and within the Design Center, I receive error RTC-5161 when deploying a MAPPING. My process flows and all other objects deploy successfully but the MAPPING pops up the RTC-5161 error

      Here is how I went about my upgrade, can anyone tell me if I am missing something?

      -Installed OWB on a new server, configured Workspaces, workflow workspace user
      -Exported an OWB project MDL and imported into the and the Design Center automatically UPGRADED my project.
      -Registered all locations
      -Revalidated all locations within the ROPOSITORY BROWSER(the statuses were previously showing UNKNOWN, now they are all valid)

      I need help PLEASE, if anyone could point me to something I am overlooking....

      AGAIN, ONLY the MAPPING will not deploy, but the Process Flows generates and deploys with no issues.

      I tried running the DEPLOYMENT of the Project from the command line(OMBPLUS), here is the error generated:

      Processing module LOCATIONS ...
      Deploying module name: FFL_DL_BMFENT_FFM_BMFENT
      module name is FFL_DL_BMFENT_FFM_BMFENT
      Deploying module name: DBL_EFDS_DL_BMFENT_DBM_TGT_EFD
      module name is DBL_EFDS_DL_BMFENT_DBM_TGT_EFD
      Error deploy drop action plan for DBL_EFDS_DL_BMFENT_DBM_TGT_EFD/CONN_FFL_DL_BMFENT_FFM_BMFENT, err msg= "OMB05602: An error occurred during deployment: DeploymentContextImpl.generate WBGeneratedObject[] is null or length 0 for CONN_FFL_DL_BMFENT_FFM_BMFENT"
      Error deploy LOCATIONS : CONNECTOR